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Littlehampton 1800 to 1940
This is the story of the evolution of a small fishing village into a busy port and then a seaside resort. It is also the story of how farmland owned by the Duchy of Norfolk was turned into a town .
Designer Jargon Print Speak
  It’s a marketer’s nightmare when things go wrong (and to justify the extra expense when promotions need to be redone or won’t be ready on time)!   Help avoid this with this essential reference book for all marketers
Flip's Diary
In 30 illustrated stories, Flip von Storm sets out his hilarious daily exploits and frequent misunderstandings to demonstrate the rules, risks and loopholes available to dog-kind when living in a world of Hugh-men.
Piers, Paddle-steamers & Profits
  This book focuses on the Blackpool piers as businesses and competitors and examines how their profitability in the nineteenth century was tied up with pleasure steamers. All three Blackpool piers competed fiercely.