A Year of Wild Flowers & Plants


Take a walk on the wildside!

“Particularly love the audio version – so beautifully presented.” F B Wellington

In this book, we take a month-by-month journey through the countryside and discover plants – both common and unusual – to look out for each month. We make our way across fields and meadows, streams and woodland, over heath-land, through fairy-like grottos and along streams and lakesides; we even arrive at the seaside. On our walks, we investigate the types of plants growing in each area at different times of the year – from ground-hugging flowers to giant trees, from ancient plants to weird and wonderful fungi, and mosses and grasses – we cover the whole spectrum. 

A Year of Wildflowers & Plants is available in a paperback version with exceptional colour photographs and as a digital ebook for tablets, Kindles and phones, plus an exciting audio version with original countryside sounds – enjoy!
Hardback printed version
Paperback printed version £ 12.50
ebook for tablets/Kindles/phones £ 3