Wonder at the world of Nature!

With plant-ark's multi-formatted books and guides, you can explore all plant types and elements that impact on plant life – including flowering plants, trees and bushes, soil, pollination, gardening and the wild, wild world of grasses, sedges, rushes and ferns – as we turn complex plant-science into easy-to-understand information. Our incredibly useful, how-to-do-it gardening books, help you choose the correct plant for your needs and conditions ... and grow it successfully!

A Year of
Wild Flowers & Plants

Take a walk on the wildside 
In this book, we take a month-by-month journey through the countryside and discover a few of the plants – both common and unusual – 
to look out for each month.

Plant Stories

Plant myths & fables – some traditional 
– most absolutely new!  
Every culture has its myths and fables – tales from around the world. Here we offer you many new narratives with a sprinkling of traditional stories retold for modern readers.
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Meet the Pollinators

All you need to know to understand pollinators
They do one of the most important jobs on our planet yet they are treated with the least respect. This book offers a fun way to meet and gain a better understanding of how pollinators function plus an insight into the tricks that flowers play.

Wetland Grasses, Sedges, Rushes, Mosses, Ferns & Horsetails

Take a walk among wetland plants
Take a walk through a wetland and its surrounding area and see some of the major plants that grow there and, at the same time, learn about why they are important, what they look like and their techniques for survival.

About Soil & Plants

Chat with the Soil family in this fun book!  
Whether you’re growing food for nations, your family or simply creating a beautiful garden – the soil you plant in has a major effect on the success on what you finally produce. We speak to the Soil family who have all the answers to your problems.
 PLUS a bonus for physical book lovers.

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About Climate Change & Plants

Visit the climate regions of the world and discover the effect of Climate Change
 As extreme weather conditions take over our planet, what will be their effect on plants? How can plants cope with these changing conditions? Which plants can survive in extreme & changing environments?

Plant Bulbs

... to brighten your day
& fine-tune your garden design

This book includes images and descriptions of over 120 suitable bulbs for different planting situations and explains how to achieve flowering bulbs “out of season”. It details planting instructions plus a year-round guide!
Plant Trees & Bushes
... to improve your well-being 
& enhance your garden's design  
Discover over 250 trees & bushes for different planting situations & needs in this large book. PLUS: Design and specialist techniques to help you create the garden/terrace of your dreams.

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Grow Vegetables

... to improve your health & well-being
With over 230 pages, Grow Vegetables includes over 120 vegetable descriptions, nutritional & cooking information, vegetable-garden design, planting instructions, planting companions, when to sow seeds, plant plants, harvest your crop & how best to care for your vegetables.