Plant Bulbs

Plant Bulbs

... to brighten your day & fine-tune your garden design

“I now I have beautiful flowers in my home and garden all year round.” A O Maidenhead
“All those empty patches in my garden are now filled with flowers – all year round!” A T Oxford 

Plant Bulbs both indoors and out and experience that all-invading sense of pleasure (and fragrance) that comes from a huge variety of flowering bulbs. 

Since bulbs, corms, tubers, tuberous roots and rhizomes bring swathes of colour and form to any good garden design, Plant Bulbs is full of handy tips and advice to help you incorporate them both in your garden and your home.  

This book includes images and descriptions of over 120 suitable bulbs for different planting situations and even explains how to achieve flowering bulbs in your home “out of season”. It details each plant’s needs plus planting instructions and offers you a year-round guide on how best to prepare and care for your bulbs – wherever you intend them to grow. 
Imagine the rich floral colours you can bring to your life – and how they will brighten your day!

Plant Bulbs is available as a paperback book with fabulous colour images throughout. It is also available in a digital version for ebooks, Kindles and tablets.
Paperback printed version £ 12.50
ebook for tablets/Kindles/phones £ 5