Plant Trees & Bushes

Plant Trees & Bushes

... to improve your well-being & enhance your garden's design

“Our garden was so boring before and we didn’t know what trees or bushes would grow in it and where to plant them. Now it’s a delight to sit in, our own special place of shade, light and colour.” J D Ipswich
“With very little effort on our part we now have a terrace that looks and feels like a mature garden.” I P Lausanne 

Discover over 250 trees & bushes for different planting situations & needs in this large book. PLUS: Design and specialist techniques for their planting, care & management to help you create the garden/terrace of your dreams. 

Trees and bushes form the basis of any good garden design, which is why Plant Trees & Bushes contains descriptions and 100s of colour images for over 250 trees and bushes for different planting situations and needs. It’s full of handy tips and advice on choosing your plants and designing your garden and includes planting advice and a guide on how best to care for your trees and bushes. 

Imagine the pleasure and sense of achievement you’ll feel after you’ve created and completed your garden or terrace project – it could make your property more desirable and you, certainly even fitter!

Plant Trees & Bushes is available in both paperback and a digital version for ebooks, Kindles and tablets – both with 100s of colour images.
Paperback printed version £ 25.50
ebook for tablets/Kindles/phones £ 7.50