About Climate Change & Plants

About Climate Change & Plants

Take a walk through the world's climate regions

“Now I know why my plants aren’t doing well and what to do about it.” T H Oxford
“I now make a better choice of plants for my ‘wet’ garden.” J D Suffolk
“Great audio – really felt I was there.” J B Warks 

Take a walk through the climate regions of the world and discover the effect of Climate Change on plants & how plants are coping in changing climatic conditions. 

As extreme weather conditions take over our planet, what will be their effect on plants? How can plants cope with these changing conditions? Which plants can survive in extreme & changing environments? And what plants should we now consider planting in our region in this new topsy-turvy world? 

There’s a reason that rice is mostly grown in Asia and maize in the USA – and that is that rice likes to have “wet” feet when it’s growing while corn prefers the dry heat of the American plains.  It is for similar reasons that Palm trees prefer the tropics and the White willow likes to live streamside in the British Isles. Narcissus and Bromeliads experience similar differences. 

Just like people, plants have preferences for the environments in which they like to make their home, knowing that these are places where they can flourish and places where they can't survive – so how can we use this knowledge?  

As Climate Change causes our weather to change we find out which plants are more suited to our differing conditions. This book looks at current typical regional conditions and explains why plants thrive in these conditions. Some plants will adapt, but others will find it difficult, so it’s up to us to change our planting choices in order to help species survive. 

About Climate Change & Plants is available as a beautiful, full-colour printed, hardback book, that includes detailed descriptions & images of the plants observed in each of the climatic regions of the world. It is also available as an exciting audio version and a digital text-only version for viewing on tablets, phones and Kindle.
Hardback printed version £ 25
Paperback printed version
ebook for tablets/Kindles/phones £ 5.50