Plant Stories

Plant Stories

Plant myths & fables - some traditional most absolutely new!

“An enjoyable read. Stories that are fun, sad and enlightening!” B H Cheltenham
Great short stories to relish alone or as an ideal introduction to the world of plants for the kids.” F B Bristol

Every culture has its myths and fables – tales from around the world that have evolved to explain the Creation, individual cultures, relationships, the elements and how we interact with nature – tales that, above all, have evolved to help us cope with our fears and achieve our dreams. 

Here we offer you just a taste – many new narratives with a sprinkling of traditional stories retold for modern readers. Myths & fables encompassing African legends and typical UK plants such as; Bushes & Trees, Wild-Flowers, and Garden-Flowers. 

Plants feature among the heroes in all our adventures and we’ve set them in context to help you understand more about each plant and the people, animals, insects and environments they are likely to be surrounded by – Enjoy!

Plant Stories is available as both a beautiful, full-colour printed, hardback and paperback book as well as an exciting audio version and a digital text-only version for viewing on tablets, phones and Kindle.
Hardback printed version
Paperback printed version £ 10
ebook for tablets/Kindles/phones £ 5