Grow Vegetables

Grow Vegetables

... to improve your health &  well-being

Via 100s of colour images, this book explains how to grow vegetables to improve your health & well-being.

“I never realised before that there were so many different types of vegetables and that growing them would be so satisfying ... and the results so tasty!” L M Bournemouth
“I feel so much more confident growing vegetables – and not just in a vegetable plot!”  G T London. 

Improve your health and well-being – grow vegetables and enjoy the pleasures of the open air, exercise and good food while at the same time leading a healthier lifestyle.

This book is full of handy tips and advice to help you design your vegetable garden and choose which vegetables to plant.  With over 230 pages, Grow Vegetables includes over 120 vegetable descriptions, nutritional & cooking information, vegetable garden design, planting instructions, planting companions, when to sow seeds, plant plants, harvest your crop & how best to care for your vegetables. Plus: Descriptions of suitable vegetables for different planting situations and needs and a detailed chart of vegetable planting companions to help you avoid pests ecologically. 

Remember, fresh, home-grown vegetables are healthier to eat and have a flavour and texture that is impossible to find in shop-bought vegetables – prepare yourself to become fitter and more relaxed!

Grow Vegetables is available in both paperback and digital versions with fabulous  colour images throughout the printed version.
Paperback printed version £ 25
ebook for tablets/Kindles/phones £ 6